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Default Re: Famke finally speaks her mind about the treatment of Phoenix in X3

Yes, she was definitely talking bout Hugh and Halle and to a lesser extent, Ian and Patrick, since those four would have been paid the most.

I applaud her for keeping her cool and managing to stay on track during shooting. If it were me in that position I would have gone completely bonkers. Imagine shooting that scene in the woods with logan and thinking, 'shouldn't my character have some dialogue here?', especially in a film where her character is supposed to be the antagonist. That would drive a person nuts! I'm getting angry just thinking about it.

But do you have any more infomation about the fight that they had? I remember Anna Paquin being a bit touchy with Halle during one of the Cannes interviews. Anna was saying how he character didn't get to fight for all three films when Halle started talking about her character needing to fight in the third film. I think only their professionalism saved them from an argument. I also thought most of the actors were pissed in one way or another. The impression that I got from Ellen Page was that she just found the whole thing bizarre. She seems to be blazingly smart. I'd say she watched the film and silently laughed. Halle was just in la la land though and Hugh probably wasn't too interested because he had sixteen films to shoot the following month.

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