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Default Re: Famke finally speaks her mind about the treatment of Phoenix in X3


Famke still has the biggest beef over Halle's problems simply because Singer was setting up the Phoenix Saga since the first film. It came to the climax in X2 and everyone knew that the Phoenix Saga was the next thing coming in the third film. Hell, even Bryan Singer said in either a commentary or interview that he had planned to give Jimmy Marsden a much more central role in the third, the Phoenix Saga. Again, it was plain as day what Singer was going to do if he directed the third film.

Famke's complain is that it wasn't treated with the proper respect in The Last Stand and she's totally right. The cure storyline and the Phoenix story could've easily co-existed in the same film. It just need a much, much better script and a longer running time than the film we got.

She's pretty much on point with her criticisms of that film.

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