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Furman Blog June 16, 2008

Originally Posted by Simon Furman View Post
Out this week, part of a veritable torrent of new releases (talk about feast or famine!), is Transformers Spotlight: Cyclonus, part 1 of the 4-part Revelations arc. Those of you who’ve been following the brooding, bubbling under subplot concerning Nova/Nemesis Prime and the Dead Universe are about to be hit by the raging hurricane that is Revelation. But, as well as being part 1 of 4, it’s also a Spotlight, and the character focus falls, first and foremost, on Cyclonus. But who is IDW/TF-verse Cyclonus? Given the recent IDW reinvention of Galvatron (in Spotlight Galvatron) it can’t be the animated movie version (as there’s no Unicron). This Cyclonus is, nevertheless, associated to Galvatron, inasmuch as both are/were part of the crew of the (long missing) first Ark. But who is Cyclonus and why’s he back on Cybertron (now a ruined, largely uninhabited husk)? And why exactly is he taking out his considerable frustrations on Hound’s unit (comprising Sideswipe, himself the subject of a latter Spotlight in this quartet, Warpath, Road Rocket and Skram)? And how does Ultra Magnus get drawn into the action? And what’s that stirring inside a cave on Corata-Vaz? Something BIG, something terribly familiar (especially if you’ve been following the various IDW/TF arcs of late). The Expansion (whatever THAT is) is upon us, and the storm is well and truly raging! Spotlight Cyclonus hits this Wednesday (18th) in the US and Thursday (19th) in the UK. It’s written by me with art by EJ Su. Click on the thumbnail below for a look-see at EJ’s cover, part of one huge scene specially created for this landmark four-part arc. For information on all IDW’s new releases, check out their website here.


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