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Th Cool Re: Famke finally speaks her mind about the treatment of Phoenix in X3

Originally Posted by StormCrazy View Post
Leaving it hanging was I guess, the writer's and Ratner's idea so they can expand the franchise so they can make an X4 or 5 or 6. I would be sooo happy if they did that. Because I was "massively" disappointed with The Last Stand... leaving the theatre, I have so many thoughts in my head... "It just wasn't right!", "What the hell just happened!"... these are the thoughts in my head. I was expecting too much from the film that I just thought it fell short. It was the Phoenix's time to shine... the fire, the Phoenix Force... it's non-existent! I can forgive anything that is different from the comic book to film... but this, recognizable, significant element of the character that is nowhere to be seen! It just blew everything up! Completely disappointed! Juggernaut... not believable... random unpopular, villains... terrible, Colossus metal powers revamped... what the hell!, Rogue still get no action (still a runaway after 3 films) what the hell times 3!, death of three important X-Men (Cyclops, Jean..double death, Professor X) Lame-O! Though I'm happy about Iceman get to Ice-up... finally!, Storm getting a lot of action... satisfied!, But the biggest downer... Jean! special effects, superb! BUT, where is the Phoenix?! I'm still mourning for this movie... my chest is like crunched, every time I think about it...

Wow that pertty much sums up the whole list of problems doesn't it? There were also some dodgy/unfinished special effects at the end (see Iceman/Kitty Pride jump off a building, fall into the ground and then pop back up a la 'charmed'). Oh and some downright disgusting editing in the final scenes. As in:

'the film's out in four days just edit the f****** thing!'

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