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Default Re: Famke finally speaks her mind about the treatment of Phoenix in X3

Originally Posted by liamoversion2 View Post
Wow that pertty much sums up the whole list of problems doesn't it? There were also some dodgy/unfinished special effects at the end (see Iceman/Kitty Pride jump off a building, fall into the ground and then pop back up a la 'charmed'). Oh and some downright disgusting editing in the final scenes. As in:

'these two shots don't coincide with each other...'

'the film's out in four days just edit the f****** thing!'

Do you hear that Fox? we are your customers and we are not happy. You will not be getting repeat business.

'Don't lecture me about war. This already is a war'.

Couldn't resist. Maybe we all need therapy? Billed to Fox of course.
Oh! Another one... Kitty and Colossus as X-Men! There could have been a side story to it. Or if someone could just have asked "Why are you in the team anyways?" Kitty would go "because we're the new recruits.. blah blah blah" But you won't see that ever!

Originally Posted by Slim View Post
A whole bunch of factors came together and ruined the movie. Fox, Singer leaving, bad writers, lame director, awful choices... They knew that they could make a crap movie and still make a lot of money, the obviously didn't care about quality at all.

And what urks me the most, is that they totally destroyed any hopes of a sequel with the same cast. I don't even want to think of an x-movie without Patrick Stewart, and there's no chance of cyclops getting any recognition now. Thinking about Singer's plans to film X3 and X4 together makes me really sad. Would have been a dream come true.
True that! The artistic quality is just lacking comparing it to Singer's movies! The sets were just crap! And Cyclops' absence from almost the entire movie was also a huge thumbs down! How can they do that during a time of crisis! He's supposed to be there during this important storyline... could have at least showed up and saved the day... but no! I was expecting it, but he was really dead... (or maybe his molecules are scattered into space or whatever) It sucks so bad!

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