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Default Re: Doctor Strange Casting Poll

Originally Posted by giggs11uk View Post
Although he is not my ideal Dr. Strange, Johnny Depp has a huge following and Marvel will most likely try to cast him just so they can bring in more money. Just look at Sweeny Todd, no one would have seen that movie if it wasn't for Depp

David Bowie is my ideal Dr. Strange by the way
Tim Burton adapting the best stage musical of the last 40 years -- written by Sonheim, no less -- into a homage/throwback to 1930s horror movies? Look I agree Burton made it more commercial than it would've been, but the movie was going to be awesome as long as it was cast well (Burton was it). But do realize that Hugh Jackman went after the role and I'm sure it would've still been a great movie with Jackman as Sweeney. Albeit, since Burton made it, Depp was easily the best choice for him, though.

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