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Default Re: "Mr. Stark, you've become part of a bigger universe."

I think they sort of shot themselves in the foot in that all these cameos and foreshadowing will take away from the Iron Man movie. I am AGAINST ALL TEAM UPS in any way shape or form for Iron Man 2 with the exception of War Machine/Iron Man. No Hawkeye/Black Widow teaming up with Stark to take down the Mandarin. Have Fury in a supporting role but not as one of the main characters. Fury has to be in the film because there is no room for him in the other movies until Avengers. Black Widow/Hawkeye/Thor shouldn't be in it. Even cameos are pushing it. Maybe a cameo of one of those character but definitely not all three. This needs to be an Iron Man/Mandarin film and that's all.

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