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Default Re: Famke finally speaks her mind about the treatment of Phoenix in X3

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
And I also remember reading awhile ago--I think it was in Variety, and I'm not sure how accurate this is--that as part of the distribution deal that Hugh's production company got with Fox, he had to do X3 and the Wolverine solo movie.

So I don't think it was a matter of Hugh just demanding tons of screentime and being the focus of the movie--the studio decided that from the beginning. And it wouldn't have been so easy for him to just walk away if it meant risking whatever deal his company had made with Fox.

The blame for what went wrong really lies with Fox. They had no idea (and really didn't care) what they had and wasted so many opportunities to make a better movie. I think anyone involved with the movie who is upset about it had every right to be.
Oh i blame Fox above all, but i still think Ratner, Penn, Kinberg and Jackman all gave significant contributions to this steaming turd pile.

Originally Posted by StormCrazy View Post
Leaving it hanging was I guess, the writer's and Ratner's idea so they can expand the franchise so they can make an X4 or 5 or 6. I would be sooo happy if they did that. Because I was "massively" disappointed with The Last Stand... leaving the theatre, I have so many thoughts in my head... "It just wasn't right!", "What the hell just happened!"... these are the thoughts in my head. I was expecting too much from the film that I just thought it fell short. It was the Phoenix's time to shine... the fire, the Phoenix Force... it's non-existent! I can forgive anything that is different from the comic book to film... but this, recognizable, significant element of the character that is nowhere to be seen! It just blew everything up! Completely disappointed! Juggernaut... not believable... random unpopular, villains... terrible, Colossus metal powers revamped... what the hell!, Rogue still get no action (still a runaway after 3 films) what the hell times 3!, death of three important X-Men (Cyclops, Jean..double death, Professor X) Lame-O! Though I'm happy about Iceman get to Ice-up... finally!, Storm getting a lot of action... satisfied!, But the biggest downer... Jean! special effects, superb! BUT, where is the Phoenix?! I'm still mourning for this movie... my chest is like crunched, every time I think about it...
I still feel exactly the same, i just cant get my head around what they thought they were doing for this movie, it just astonishes me how bad it actually turned out.

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