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Default Re: Famke finally speaks her mind about the treatment of Phoenix in X3

Originally Posted by liamoversion2 View Post
I've been thinking about that and lately I'm starting to think that they didn't have enough money to do anything... They must not have because can anyone actually say they thought the special effects at the end looked ok? I really thought a lot of them looked unfinished/really bad. And when you factor in salaries for Berry, Jackman, Stewart, Mckellen, paquin, and Famke who probably would have been paid more than on X2 due to her more 'central' role, the cash really starts to pile up. That's probably why we got such a ****ty, short movie. Probably not a lot of cash actually ended up going into production.

I remember reading an article a year ago in which Laura Donner admitted that the budget spiraled out of control after Matthew Vaughn left. A lot of the money was obviously wasted on sets that couldn't be used after Vaughn's departure. Also, a lot of the money was probably wasted on marketing this film. I had never seen a film with that many previews and t.v. spots. Advertising the movie with the NBA playoffs must have cost Fox a fortune.

Finally, I heard Ratner needed an average of 30 takes to get most scenes right. That's why the DVD ended up having an unheard of 21 deleted scenes.

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