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Default Re: The Avengers roster for 2011

Originally Posted by ProfeZZor X View Post
I'm just saying for budget purposes and time restraints, I think that if Marvel wants to play this movie off well and appeal to it's fans in a cost effective manner, they should continue with the male cast that they selected, and do cameos of the others for a future installment of Avengers. After all, you all know how X-Men turned out with all those characters... Just a movie length television show with little to no major special effects and cutting corners to represent each character's mutant abilities.

I don't think appealing to the fans is an issue. I can't see why Marvel wouldn't include Wasp, who is not only one of the 5 original Avengers, but appeals to females as well. Saying Wasp should have a cameo in Avengers is like saying Pepper Potts should have a cameo in IM2.

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