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Default Re: The Avengers roster for 2011

I think Civil War is just too many characters. I don't think it could work in a film. I really can't decide who'd make a kickass villain for a sequel other than Ultron. Ultron is a character that people can buy being that he is of the Terminator type villain. Another guy is Kang but he is too overthetop and I don't think people would respond to favorably to a villain like that. The movie version would require a massive overhaul of the character. Not a fan of Kree-Skrulls either. Maybe a different lineup of the Masters of Evil could work. We just have to see who the villains are in the first movie. I don't think a full blown Masters of Evil/Ultron/Kang would work for the first film. To me... the first film should pretty much be about the formation of the Avengers and it should feature a universal villain that is realistic.

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