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Default Re: Am I the only one who feels like B'89 is vastly overrated?

Originally Posted by COMICFILMEXPERT View Post
But according to you, a story that takes place with Bruce prior to becoming Batman requires absolute explination of every single minut detail.

I'm just using "Year One" to point out that that's not the case at all. I don't need to be handed a step-by-step manual on "How to Be Batman" to enjoy watching Batman kick ass, drive a fast car, look like a bat and protect a metropolitian city.

"Begins" seems to forget one very strong aspect of the Batman character...his sense of mystery; his privacy. There's something far more exciting about not knowing how exactly Bruce came to construct the suit or the car. A "Less is More" situation...

If I'm paying money to go see a "Batman" movie, I'm not paying to watch a 30 minute tutorial on the uses of a utility belt...I'm paying it to watch a guy dressed as a giant terrifying bat beat the snot out of a homicidal clown.

But I DO have a feeling that, with the origin out of the way, "TDK" will be a little bit better about not going on long diatribes when they aren't needed like in "Begins."

However, thanks to the over-analization presented in "Begins," Bale's Batman will NEVER have the sense of awe and mystery that Keaton's Batman did.

And with THAT said, I stand on my belief that "Begins" is in actuality a tad more overrated than "B89."

The point of Batman Begins was to show us who Bruce Wayne was before Batman and what he went through with his obsession to stop crime. Not only did it show us his training, but it also showed us a more in depth look a Bruce Wayne and who Batman is. By saying you want Batman to be all mysterious is basically saying you want Batman to be an empty character that we cannot feel for. If we didn't see Bruce's training, we would have just though. "Oh ok, this kid is pissed that his parents got killed and now he is a giant Bat". Not "Oh ok, this kid is pissed that his parents killed so he traveled the world studying criminals, found a league of ninjas who destroy cities that are plagued with crime and he uses theatrics to scare criminals straight".

And as Mandalore said. Nolan made it clear so many times that he wanted to show everyone how Bruce Wayne became Batman.

It's a Bruce Wayne story as much as a Batman one.

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