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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by omerhead View Post
Also in the whole film I felt all the major characters were just playing a game, Penguin tried to kill Batman, Max Shrek & Catwoman, Batman tried to kill Penguin & Catwoman, Catwoman tried kill Max Shrek and wanted revenge from Batman by teaming up with the Penguin and got betrayed by Penguin. What the hell is that all about, does that happen in comic books.
Yes, comic books often have plotlines, which presence you find so puzzling.

Originally Posted by omerhead View Post
I think Nolan can do a better job at tweaking the golden age origin than Burton did, Burton put too much emphasis on making it dark than realism.
Because we all know that Batman is all about reality and nothing about darkness.

Originally Posted by omerhead View Post
Even though it happens rarely, but it's still realistic. some weird things do occur in reality.
Much like deformities (Penguin).

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