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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Yes because it's a film and not a comic book and film's require a little more thought put into them because they cater to a much wider and varied audience than comics do.

Here's your answer this film is modern german expressionism, german expressionism applies to a subgenre of german cinema where in the principle characters and even the environment represent different facets of the main character. Penguin, Max Schreck and Catwoman all symbolize different aspects of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Gotham City's small scale in this film represents how clutterd Batman/Bruce Wayne's psyche is at this point in his life. They all clash and collide with each other because no matter how much they try each aspect of his personality cannot reconcile with the other in the end. This is also why in the following movie he is still conflicted psychologically until the end it's the mid point of an arc that flows throughout all 3 Batman films from the 89 -95 years.

I enjoy comic book adaptations but I'm a comic book fan first and foremost. Not a comic book movie fan.
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