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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

"Batman Returns" is HORRIBLY written. You may like the movie, but it's a story mess. They should have taken the script with the "Treasures under Wayne Manor".
Horribly written in what way? Elaborate.

After reading his RETURNS diatribe yet again...I will never understand Jett. He *****es about things that aren't faithful the nature of the comics, and then when they are...he pretty much *****es some more. He loves BATMAN, and then he hates BATMAN RETURNS for things BATMAN had "wrong" with it, too. He condemns the grotesque nature of RETURNS, but Nolan's Joker comes along get the idea.

His "Batman film in name only argument" is hilarious. BATMAN RETURNS has a ton of Batman comic book elements to it, both faithful and inspired by, and in terms of story type and tone.

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