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Default Re: Am I the only one who feels like B'89 is vastly overrated?

Haha I thought that Batman did say "I'm going to kill you" to Joker but couldn't quite remember it.

What I mean by being emotionally unavailable is that, in BR you see that he can't really be in a relationship with someone who hasn't been there from the very beginning, you know what I mean? I mean this by being in this film, not so much a relation towards the comics, even then Bruce has a slew of problems.

Yes he can interact, but otherwise he's way too concerned with avenging his parents. Which is to be expected, I mean even in the comics his every move and breath as Batman is to make sure the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne never happens again.

I never thought the blowing up of Axis chemicals was to kill any goons or the Joker, actually I thought it was to send a message, as well as destroy any remaining chemical poisons Joker had left over.

I dunno, it's hard for me to really evaluate all of Bat's motives in this movie because of it's really weird continuities, because I think of something like in Hush where Batman flips the hell out and beats the Joker unconscious and is trying to kill him and Gordon has to scream at him to back off (as well fire shots at him). So, who knows if he really was going to kill him...I'd say in the long run with you guys posts, haha oh yeah, Batman was going for the kill.

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