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Default Re: Am I the only one who feels like B'89 is vastly overrated?

Originally Posted by Kevin Roegele View Post
Yes, Batman's origin has been told plenty of times over seventy years. This is the first time anyone has felt the need to explain the Batmobile.
It was actually explained in the animated series.

+ I agree with the person who said it's a Bruce Wayne movie as well as a Batman movie. That's what made it so great for me.

They could've done a whole film without him actually becoming Batman and show some of the training he had before he met Ras and I would've been satisfied.

But I digress, the real point is this;

89 Batman and Begins Batman are very different and to compare the two of them to each other is looking at it all in the wrong way. They're movies from two very different decades. A lot has changed in Batman's lore in the period between the two films. If one or the other doesn't entertain you then don't watch. But don't come on here trying to lord your opinion over people that have strong nostalgic ties to the 89 rendition of the character and expect everyone to just start Burton-bashing.

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