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Default Re: Am I the only one who feels like B'89 is vastly overrated?

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
I myself consider your argument being flawed an obvious reason.
A role which forces him to portray different emotional states because each clone has a different personality.. It doesn't count for that obvious reason. But don't ignore that Keaton's role is still as 1 dimensional as him as Jackie Brown.

I liked him in Batman as Bruce Wayne, but he carried out the characteristics of that role to the majority of them after.


Two very good roles in a row. Speaks volumes about Keaton's skills as an actor.

Change the name from Jackie Brown to Vicky Vale, get a blind man and make him listen to the difference between Bruce Wayne and Keaton in Jackie Brown. I bet he wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two..

Keaton was a good Bruce Wayne, but nobody can top Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne. Not only does he have the obsession in his eyes, but you start to believe that you are watching Bruce Wayne, not Christian Bale. Unlike Keaton, you are watching Michael Keaton playing Bruce Wayne..

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