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Default Re: Am I the only one who feels like B'89 is vastly overrated?

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Yeah, because it smashes the premise of your argument. An actor without flexibility could have ruined the 3 different personalities clones concept. But Keaton did it good.
Then why doesn't he take this flexibility to other roles?

No he wasn't. He was as rich as in Jackie Brown. You'd do better saying he acted similar (so we can start srguing that point) but not that he was 1-dimensional because the intensity of his Batman is acknowledged to date.
No, he was a more hyper version of Bruce Wayne in Jackie Brown.

I'm glad he could be able to keep that intensity for other roles.
He wasn't intense as Bruce Wayne..

Of course you know that if we don't have the blind man and do the actual experiment that's just an empty argument. With the same logic I could say that I bet a good director that watches 3 Keaton movies could tell how good he is. Sure, we can put experiments and the results of them in words all we want, who can stop our imagination?
He may be a good actor, but he was Bruce Wayne all over again in Jackie Brown..

May I ask what has Christian Bale to do in this? I thought we were talking about Michael Keaton. Or is there a insecuity feeling when talking about other actors portraying Batman?

I can still watch a very natural Christian Bale being called Bruce Wayne. I think we'll see the total transformation in Ledger's Joker more than Bale's Bruce.

I assure you Keaton being great doesn't diminish Bale's merits.
What I originally said was directed to COMICFILMEXPERT, but you jumped in the seat instead, in which he said Christian Bale plays Bruce Wayne, but Michael Keaton IS Bruce Wayne, or something along those lines. Hardly insecurity and it only comes across that way because you have decided to answer for him.

Now you are talking about The Dark Knight. Of course all eyes are on Heath Ledger, not only because he has more than likely produced some of the most amazing acting that we have seen in 5 years, not only because its also The Joker. The most favourite, famous and loved Batman Rogue, but also because he has unfortunately died.. I was talking about Christian Bales performance in Batman Begins. But no doubt he will be just as good, or even better in The Dark Knight, mind you, which will be outshined and overshadowed by Ledgers performance.

I enjoyed Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, I just haven't been able to see myself enjoy many of his films after the 2 Batman films due to him carrying on his Bruce Wayne mentality.

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