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Default Re: Am I the only one who feels like B'89 is vastly overrated?

Originally Posted by co2 View Post
It was a perfect portrayal of Joker from the comics at the time just as Ceasar Romero was a perfect Joker for his time (Really. Go back and read Batman comics from the early 60's and you will see).
What a lot of fanboys seem to forget, or not understand simply because they are too young, is that Batman '89 was just as big a fanboy dream when it bowed as Begins was in '05....bigger! Batmania was absolutely crazy. And you really have to hand it to Burton. It was his dark quirkiness that showed a public that had mainly grown on the TV show, what a complex Universe Batman exists in. If not for Burton's bizarre style which was a perfect fit, Nolan's take may never have come into existence.
Well even though that fact about Nolan's films never existing if not for Burton may be true, that isn't the extent of the legacy of Burton's "Batman" movies. It's honestly not even the primary aspect of that legacy...the real achievement of Burton's films is how it instigated the entire 'dark superhero' movement.

Film versions of "The Crow" and "Blade" would never have been considered without "BATMAN."

Then there's the TV that followed. The "Flash" TV Show. The "Black Scorpion" TV Show. And of course the greatest thing to come out of Burton's work..."Batman: The Animated Series" which in turn paved the way for the DCAU and launched the standard of Western Animation into the stratosphere.

AND as you said, it showed a more mature, complex approach to the character than Adam West had done.

Burton's Batman films actually changed the comic book movie genre, while Nolan's films aren't really as revolutionary as "Batman" and "Batman Returns" were when they were first concieved. In fact they aren't revolutionary at all.

It's common place now for Nolan's films to feature a dark and dingy depiction of Gotham City and a somber Batman fighting psychologically fractured rogues...but that wasn't the case (as far as non-comic media) when Burton was on the job. Hell considering the Last big version of Bats in media were both Adam West and the Super Friends, it was quite the radical change in tone.

EVERYONE expected Nolan to do a darker Batman. But NO ONE expected Burton least initially.

The way I see it...the dark, brooding personality and visual appeal that we all attach to Batman today as opposed to Adam West, Bill Dozier and the 60 series is due to the work of three individuals.

Dennis O'Neal, Frank Miller and Tim Burton.

So is "B89" overrated?


Both "Superman: The Movie" and "BATMAN" did SOOO much. NOT just for Comic Book Movies...but for Comic Books and Comic Book Superheroes.


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