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Default Re: Am I the only one who feels like B'89 is vastly overrated?

Originally Posted by Hole Shot View Post
I have no problem with the line itself, it was just Williams delivery and demeanor at that moment. Hence the Colt 45 comment.

Well, when your DA and Commish are shooting craps at the local playboy's crib what else would you expect!

My list wasn't so much critiques as much as things in the movie I get a chuckle out of. Just like in Begins, how the only way Batman couldn't be linked to Wayne Enterprises is if Lucius had every engineer, Department of Defense and government official assasinated after the Tumbler project had been shutdown.
Rumor has it that little pothole gets addressed in TDK

He's called "The Punisher", not " Family Man".

There is a huge difference between "I want to honor my loved ones" and "I hate criminals, and want to punish them".

That difference is called "Batman".- The Guard
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