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Default Re: New Dragonball Z special coming Fall 2008

Never could get into Naruto. I grew tired of mainstream anime dragging episodes out and having an extraneous amount of filler. DBZ is the ONLY anime I will put up with that does that, mainly being that it was the pioneer for action cartoons such as Naruto, and because I grew up with it. Biased, I know, but truth.

Another reason is because most fans of Naruto I know disrespect DBZ for the same reason above, all the while worshipping Naruto as if it didn't do that when Naruto is essentially based on the action that DBZ set. That irritates me to no end. It's the very reason I stopped watching Bleach as well.

A line I often use with these mainstream animes:
"Get to the damn point already! And stop telling your sworn enemy how you do your attacks, damn it!"

"I'm the best at what I do, and what I do isn't very nice."

"Now I'm the best at whatever it is Wolverine does!"

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