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Default Re: Joker face paint?

Originally Posted by Mr.Jigsaw View Post
Any place that sells theatre supplies. And so I dont sound like broken record do not, I repeat DO NOT, buy the simple make-up kits that cost like 4 dollars and have the little plastic trays. This make-up is of inferior quality, it smears, it runs, it blends, does all kinds of things. I know the Jokers make-up is supposed to be in bad condition but that stuff would look terrible for even a "Joker-ized" face if anything touched your face.
Im not recommending this at all, but for last day of school, i painted peoples faces like the joker using the make up on the plastic tray things and it turned out absolutely awsome. again , i dont reccomend this but that doesnt mean they are all cheap and not good.

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