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Default Re: What about Geoff Johns?

Originally Posted by Superark View Post
I think that is a huge testament to Donner's film. I always get a little frustrated when people bash Singer with comments like "Singer only knows the Donner universe. Or STM is all the research he did."

STM and what Donner did was another spin on the mythos and clearly made people fans of Superman. As you said hippie, it has made an impact on comic writers as well.
I think that people who complain about Singer using too much of the Donner material better complain about the comics doing the exact same thing Singer is doing.

With the Johns/Busiek/Robinson era of Superman comics, Superman Returns looks exactly like its comic book counterpart with the exception of Jason and Richard White (but hey Batman Begins has Rachel Dawes and has taken some liberties with they mythos as well).

And LOUD_SILENT_MAN's comparison of the Donner movies to the Burton/Schumaker movies has absolutely no basis at all because those movies had absolutely no impact on Batman's overall character and presentation in the long run (and the impact they did have were very minor, BTAS had more of an impact than the movies for crying out loud). Donner's movies on the other hand, well take a look for yourself.

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