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Default Re: What Happened to ... Wayne Enterprises, the Monorail

or it might just never get rebuilt.

remember that Thomas Wayne is the one who had Lucius oversee the monorail and it's heavily implied that Wayne funded part if not the majority of the construction and he's the one who got the rest of it done through his connections etc

there's a lot of examples of things like that just being abandoned in the middle of the city. in NYC you see raised platforms for trains abandoned all over the boroughs including the High Line in manhattan which for decades was basically just left to rot

if Gotham is still rebuilding the Narrows and in a bad state, with no one to champion it, it might not get rebuilt

however, I think ppl are right, in some of those shots you can see at least a part of the monorail in passing but it's not featured because unlike in BB it doesn't matter. it's like asking, how is Rutger Hauers's character doing? Dunno no one cares... doesn't mean he's dead or whatever it's just not important

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