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Default Re: The "GOD LOVES, MAN KILLS" Thread (Graphic novel by Claremont)

I was lucky enough to buy this graphic novel yesterday and I have to say I liked it. CC writing from when I picked the X-Books up at the reload hasn't impressed so I'm wondering if this may affect my view. As I loved it I felt in parts there was over use of internal monologes and explanation boxes. For example Stryker's history Instead of 30 years ago plus his history we get:

"He looks at the two X-Men and time and memory suddenly unexpectedly turn back upon themselves to a simpler day Thirty years gone.

This line would work wonderfully for the artist to draw such a picture and also if I was reading an X-Men novel but the art shows me what he was and the reason behide his son.

The art could do this for us. Dialogue again hit and miss. But the story as a whole was strong especially in a post 9/11 world.

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