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Default Re: why does Frank Miller hate Superman?

Originally Posted by TruerToTheCore View Post
it was that way from 1938 'til 1986 but then Superman became Super-Simp. I am glad they re-introduced it in 2006. I don't care about fanboy's favourite thing, "continuity", I just look at the essence of the character and how he was created, "with powers far beyond those of mortal man" AND so his LOGICALLY his brain. He is a super-inventor and seems to build super-robots now! Superman, greatest character ever invented.

Only Superman haters deny his super-intellect.
You're still posting an opinion, not fact. You do realize that you as much a fanboy as anyone on this board right? I think you should just relax and not get so defensive about this. Especially with the "Superman haters" crap. Calm down.


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