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Default Re: Anthony Michael Hall in TDK

ok i used to be one of the many that thought AMH's part in the Dark Knight was simply a reporter until gary oldman said that they didnt need joker in the next film since the riddlers gonna be in it. that got me to thinking that maybe after all the hall/riddler rumors might be true but wouldnt be unveiled til the next film, this was just his introduction. as i was watching the film for my 3rd time today I realized that when batman unmasks one of the goons in the final battle its AMH's character, and in front of him bruce says "Fox, the hostages are the clowns." now this just might be my imagination but this reporter guy probably knows that Fox is the CEO of Wayne enterprises, and he figures out that bruce is batman. if im not mistaken in most comics the riddler knows who batman is right? i just thought they could easily tie it into the 3rd film this way. lemme know wat you think

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