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Default Re: Anthony Michael Hall in TDK

^ you've been thinking the same thing alot of us have about Riddler and Batmans secret identity. It will most likely be his angle if he shows up I think. Good catch on that dialogue, but really I don't think something small like that would be carried over to another film. A similar link c ould be the fact that Reese must have told GCN producers and Mike Engel about his theory just to be considered for the show in the first place. So Engel could very well know the identity that way. But still I don't think it would matter in terms of a next film. Any Riddler will have his story self contained within the third movie.

I have to laugh at people saying Engel was 'a waste' simply because he wasn't the Riddler. I wanted him to be the Riddler as much as anyone else on this board, very much so. but turns out it wasn't even close. That doesn't mean Engel didn't served his purpose very well in a different fashion though.

It's gonna be good when this wave of noobs get bored of this and leave.

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