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Default Re: Famke finally speaks her mind about the treatment of Phoenix in X3

She may have been miscast as Storm but people always seem to question her acting ability (because she's so good looking?) despite her getting recognition from her peers before she even did Monster's Ball. There aren't many people who can say they've got an Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG awards at home.

Any movie Halle Berry is in i think the majority of moviegoers will take notice just because she's in it. Having said that, i don't think it gives her the right to make demands about the size of her role when you're in a ensemble with a string of other talented actors.

After X2 Halle threatened to walk. I think she said she wanted Storm to have a more intergral part and not just stand there. This and a lot of other studio parameters are probably the reasons Phoenix's role was hurt.

Unfortunately Famke was in no position to really make demands or walk out so she just had to grin and bear it.

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