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Default Re: The Joker A Reality?

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I sort of saw that as the point of the movie actually, The Joker really only needed a couple of breaks at the beginning, and Batman actually was the one to give it to him by capturing Lau. Once the mob realized they needed him and the Joker was able to scare the public, bringing chaos just got easier and easier.

All in all though, the Joker was a very lucky person. I mean there were several things which could have killed him were he had no control of the situation really....He could easily have gotten shot at the bank job by that account dude, the truck flipping could have done him in, blowing up the police station could go wrong pretty easily, and he had a 50% chance of getting shot by Dent. The chances of that in real life are pretty slim, in the movie though, the Joker seems to not like wasting his time unless there is some chance of death.

Ick forgot I was in the no spoilers thread. I spoiler wrapped everything just to be safe, even though most people have probably seen the movie by now.

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