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Default Re: The Joker A Reality?

P.S. The Joker is indeed the ultimate form of nihilism, anarchy, existentialist cynicism and absurdity, etc. But to me it shows how bloated, arrogant and asanine such a removed approach to life is. To be so misanthropic you make the world a worst place than it really may be and whatever flaws and how ****ed up our society is, living with no rules or any sense of ethics is not free or ahead of the curve, it is selfish ego-stroking baloney. I'm not saying you have to believe in your government or any form or think people are naturally good, but the views of characters like the Joker or Daniel Plainview I think are illustrated where that self-indulgent philosophy ends in its truest form. Which is why I liked (despite how unrealistic it is) that the people on the ferries did not blow each othher up. That is an example where I think the Joker's point would be more likely proven (as opposed to killing Mr. Reese which seemed a little less plausible for such a violent and immediate reaction). But just to see Joker's views of the world come crashing down is so satisfying I'm glad it was there.

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