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Default Re: The Joker A Reality?

Sorry, I hadn't read your post. Let's just say I find that view and form of philosophy self-inflicted and those I meet who argue it's value always come off as self-righteous and arrogant as those they denounce. I'm not saying you are like this, but people I have met in real life who perscribe to this way of thinking.

I think Joker personified the type of person I'm talking about a little bit. Wit hHarvey he is saying "I'm just a dog chasing cars" and bemoans how everyone is a schemer and has a plan for society and how uncivilized people really are. Yet, he himself is the ultimate schemer and since the first frame has orchestrated all of this so his pretense of being a purposeless agent of chaos is a lie as he has a purpose which is to make everyone think as he does and prove everyone is just like him. Which is what he is railing against to begin with.

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