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Default Re: The Joker A Reality?

I am getting pretty bored with this "The Joker couldnt exist in reality" arguement. Its always the same. Clown Killer? Impossible! John Wayne Gacy did it. scars! He couldnt hide! John Wayne Gacy had something more identifiable than scars...a previous conviction for child molestation. Thats when people pull out the "yeah, but John Wayne Gacy didnt screw with the mob and didnt attempt to kill the DA, so The Joker still could not exist!!". No one has ever killed in the name of candy bars either, but it could happen. Everything The Joker did has been done, more or less...Charles Manson ( and others) had goons and many people have assassinated political figures. It is possible for a person like The Joker to exist.

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