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Default Re: The Elevated Train is there...

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
I saw it.....but I'm not one of those whose life is ruined because a monorail wasn't on screen 3/4 of the movie.
Well when they leave out an important aspect from the first film, and just act like "it never was" in the second film, it can kinda bother people a little.

1.The Monorail and track was destroyed in BB at the end, where is it in TDK, is it being reconstructed, fixed or demolished?

2. Wayne Tower was damaged at the end of BB, we see the first Wayne Enterprises scene at a NEW building, does that mean the WT from BB is being rebuilt or just "left out"? Like I said we see the building in the background behind the tractor trailer scene, why isnt it atleast mentioned?

I understand that the film didnt have any more room for anything else, but a nod to these things would have made things a little better for me when it came to the continuation aspects from first film to second.

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