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Default Re: The Joker A Reality?

Originally Posted by ace o knaves View Post
yea it is possible someone could use joker as a symbol, and yea i do agree with some of his views on life like that when everything is going wrong people will lose there sense of morality maybe. but there is no way in this world there could be a "real" joker, he is just too supernatural, some of the things he does is ghost-like. the way he appears out of no where when he wants to, make a **** load of diesel drums wired to explode just appear on the ferries. and not forgetting the fact that the only way his plans work is because he is in a city as corrupt as gotham, he must of had so much help setting it all up from police to journalists. i know theres obviously some corrupt cities out there but no where near as corrupt as gotham
sorry i had to bump this, but i just think there is no way someone could pull off the stuff joker did. its impossible. yea someone could dress up like him, cut there cheeks, wear make-up and blow up a few buildings and kill some people. but there is more to the joker than that, hes like a ghost popping up where and when he pleases.

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