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Re: Titanium Man or Crimson Dynamo?

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
Kiss=keep it simple stupid. Adding another villain takes up screen time better used esle where, well addding nothing to the main plot. Unicorn shouldn't be a third party that eats away at screen time.
And who's to say that adding another villain would add nothing to the plot? It all depends on how well it's executed. I feel like storytelling rules like "kiss" are a hindrance. The rules of telling a story shouldn't be strict rules. They should be guidelines, subject to being ignored or revised based upon circumstances. And I can think of two perfectly good examples of super hero movies where they had multiple villains and it worked. Those being Christopher Nolan's Batman films. Let's count the number of Batman villains present in the films so far. In Begins, you had Ra's Al Ghul, The Scarecrow, Carmine Falcone, Detective Flass, Joe Chill, Mr. Zsasz, and two characters who essentially filled the role of Ra's Al Ghul's bodyguard Ubu. In The Dark Knight, you have The Joker, Two Face, Sal Maroni, Scarecrow, and various mobsters. It's all about striking the right balance between the characters and the plot. Saying that having more than one villain eats up screen time that is needed elsewhere can only be a valid statement if you actually know what the plot is. Otherwise, having that other character could work with the plot beautifully.

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
So you are saying Ghost, living laser, Spymaster, Whiplash, Blizzard, etc wouldn't make better henchmen? Most of them require fewer changes and have better powers.
I don't think they would be better. I think they would work just as fine as The Unicorn. I'm just saying that The Unicorn's origins and history of having worked for The Mandarin in the comics lends the character to the film pretty well. I was thinking that it would be nice to see a few minor Iron man villains working for The Mandarin with varying levels of screen time. Whiplash, Spymaster, The Unicorn, and Firebrand were all characters I was thinking of.

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
Heck why does mandy need henchmen, he is both a physical and mental threat to Stark? This is just adding clutter.
Because The Mandarin has always had people working for him in the comics, is more or less established as being the leader or a massive organization in the film series, and can't exactly conquer Asia all by himself.

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
Most people don't remember that movie and would think that code name is pretty lame.
What movie?

Anyway, don't think people will care all that much. He's a defected spy who's code name is The Unicorn. Big deal.

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