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Default Re: Batman live action TV series

Originally Posted by Katsuro View Post
I was thinking the exact same thing earlier, and wanted to make a post. You beat me to it.

I figure since we're probably gonna lose Nolan and Co. after number 3, why not go for a TV series afterwards? An hour-long, live action version of BTAS that follows after Nolan's third film.

It would give them a chance to explore the universe so much more. They could go through so many more storylines and have so many more characters, rather than being limited to only 2 and half hours of story every 3 years.

So I vote yes, unless Nolan, Bale, Oldman, Freeman, and Caine all want to do a fourth movie.
i didnt picture myself saying this but i agree. with the major success of some of these tv shows it could be cool. would have to have superb storytelling and very intriguing ideas but it could work. you could use the new flexible suit and also use the tumbler. i would look forward to it every season.

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