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Default Re: Batman live action TV series

I'd really love to see a truly well done Batman live action TV series. One that balances Bruce and Batman out, and one which is based heavily off of the Nolan-verse. Hell, maybe Nolan could be the Executive Producer. Or some of the producers of the current films. Goyer. Those types. Keep it in that creative family.

Obviously, they would need to do a total recast.

I'd find a veteran actor for Alfred and maybe Gordon. But the rest need to be less-well-knowns. Late 20s, early 30s age range. Gordon should be mid-40s. Alfred should be 50s, if not older. Ideally I'd find an actor who was 50s and looked older, could play 60s. They just have to make sure they do it in a serious vain; avoid the 'Smallville' mid-way between camp and serious, and avoid the camp of the 1960s.

I also would accept a new Joker in a series. I could never accept another Joker on film. Heath owned that roll on the big screen. In a show, though, I could accept it. Especially if they based him heavily upon Heath's Joker.

I would like to see the origins of the villains re-told in the show. Or told, as it where, for many of them. Having so many repeat villains would be a chore, I imagine, though. They would need to keep the entire Rogue's Gallery on contract. Which could get expensive as the years went on. Then again the regular cast would only be Bruce, Alfred, and Gordon with everyone else "guesting" as need be.

They should also make sure they spend at least a season or two, if not more, with Harvey Dent as DA, before he becomes Two-Face.

They would also be able to do some evolution stuff. Have the first bat suit be cloth, only for him to quickly find out he needs some protection. Have the first Batmobile be just a car, only to find out he needs something unique.


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