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Default Re: The Joker A Reality?

Originally Posted by Dark Globe View Post
I think it's extremely possible for someone like The Joker to exist. It's just a matter of what would it take to push someone that far. Who would go as far as to dress up in a purple suit and wear makeup?
How is it EXTREMELY possible? Things that are extremely possible happen all the time. Never in our history has anything like the joker happened. I'm pretty sure the possibility is extremely slim, else it wouldve already happened. There's too much to consider, too many factors that would have to be just right in order to concoct a Joker.

The average "person that's been pushed too far" just goes on a short killing spree and then kills themselves. the Joker is not an example of someone who has been merely pushed to his limit and nothing else :/

The Joker was achieving thug status before thug status was invented.

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