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Default Re: The Joker A Reality?

considering the context of the story where the mob have fingers in many city pockets, then the joker hijacks the mob and mob resources and combines them with his own little militia of psychos. with mob resources and informants, the joker himself does not even need to do everything on his own, he just needs to be smart enough to orchestrate the blueprints.

and now considering that, of course villains exist in the world as people have been saying, so I dont really think theres a need to consider the possibility of a supervillain a la the joker ever emerging and doing more than causing a city some chaos. people are already doing just as horrible things if not on a wider scale.

if you take away the joker's aesthetic and personality his actions are sheer terrorism, calculated, with a sort of maniacally intelligent blueprint. If Bin Laden or Bush wore purple and makeup, were quick witted and manipulative and with a somewhat charismatic personality, then they wouldnt be too different from the joker if not worse.

"I don't want to know what goes on in the Joker's head. I have to know. But when I imagine how it must feel to be him, I think of a snake with a broken back, flipping and tracing intricate, agonized arabesques in the dust."
-Batman, RIP #678
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