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Default Re: The Joker A Reality?

Originally Posted by ace o knaves View Post
yea but if you think about it is there really a city out there as corrupt and in such a state as gotham? (well london is in a state!! but not as bad as gotham) like how does he manage to get a whole hospital wired to explode? how does he manage to get two ferries wired to explode without anyone noticing? how does he manage to sneak poison into a police commishoners bourbon? yea there is some corrupt cities out there but no way as corrupt as gotham.
There might be, and it just hasn't been exploited yet. Even if there isnt, we can't say that there never will be. consider the fact that there are many possibilities today that where thought to be pure sci-fi or fantasy 50 years ago.

as for the hospital scene, they made it pretty clear that he had corrupt officials working for him everywhere. the joker is insanely brilliant, chances are he had been rigging it for weeks by using insiders, knowing that one day the ability to blow it up to could serve as leverage. the fact that his whole "getting arrested" part was on purpose, proves that he is masterful at thinking ahead and tricking people into falling for an illusion.

same thing with the ferries. we have no idea how much time he had to prepare before the event. and he's got a legion of workers in different areas. with his mind, he couldve worked out how to pull it off. im sure if i spent days thinking on this and researching ferries and their schedules, i could figure out how to get enough oil barrels into them to make them explode. i mean, there was also a time where people would not have believed it was possible for terrorists to board planes with all our "security." everything is possible, all rules are breakable, all forces can be taken down. they just need the right circumstances. the circumstances actually occurring is the problem. they exist, so its not impossible. but they are not present, and cannot be summoned. thus making them improbable.

the commissioner couldve easily been poisoned by one of his own corrupt officer working for the mob, who were in turn working for joker.

The Joker was achieving thug status before thug status was invented.

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