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Default Re: The Joker A Reality?

Originally Posted by ace o knaves View Post
i still think he'd just be shot dead. they'd send the SAS or Delta Force after him or summin.

Because that worked so well with International Terrorists?C'mon, there have been plenty of High Profile Psycho-Sociopaths along the lines of the Joker before (look at guys like Bin Laden, Carlos The Jackal, Pablo Escobar), just not to the same high profile clownish level. they just have their own self-rational reasons to cause grief and pain (religious fervor, money, self excitement) There is no limit to crazy, guys. "The Joker" type of high profile psycho-sociopath hasn't been seen to the level we seen in TDK, but there are guys that far gone out there.

Gacy, Bundy, these serial killer guys were cowards, rapists, and perverts. Even spree killers are not the same deal. The Joker has no psycho-sexual motivations, he just wants to drag society down and make everything as crazy as he is. He's a true Terrorist whose goal is breakdown of society, and to have a good laugh.

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