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Default Re: Batman live action TV series

LOUD_SILENT_MAN, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree, because yeah, I think those videos look cheap (and I've seen the Angel finale a million times - one of my favorites ever. Still low-budget.).

You have to understand what I mean by "cheap": They look like TV. Both shows utilized their small budgets very well, with their unique and ambitious "looks," but they still looked like TV shows that try their darndest to look cinematic. Supernatural's fx, while often done in cool ways, still usually look fake/cartoonish. And with Angel, look no further than their OBVIOUSLY fake city backdrops. I've seen every episode multiple times, but every time they're on a rooftop or even looking out Wolfram & Hart's window, I just cringe at the fake backgrounds. It's distracting whenever they're on an obvious sound stage. Also, that last scene in the finale is the perfect example of "working on a budget" - notice we just see the alley, and all the creatures about to attack them are in the shadows (+ a very quick glimpse of the dragon). The epic nature of what's going on is pretty much only implied.

I agree that HBO doesn't have much now, but "some pretty good shows"? Deadwood, The Sopranos, and The Wire are 3 of the greatest shows of all-time, period. Rome and Carnivale were pretty great, too. And those didn't just try - they WERE cinematic. No shows on The CW have ever even come close to reaching the heights of those shows, and I really don't expect any to. And the way you talk about HBO suggests you haven't really watched their shows. Reducing them to their surface traits like you did ("no different than any other network, except you have swearing and nudity.") is like saying Angel is just a vampire show with martial-arts or that Supernatural is about pretty-boys who battle demons. It's just an ignorant description. HBO shows have a lot more to offer than swearing and nudity. And yes, more than the shows on broadcast networks. (some other cable networks, however, may be a different story.)

It's not like this Batman show has much of a chance of happening, but in this dream scenario, I'm just aiming high is all. HBO brings an adult sophistication to their shows that the CW can't (since they're trying to cater to a young demographic and don't have the resources), much like Nolan brings to the Batverse (and yes, there are instances when he does "cater," but thankfully, they're few and far between), which is why I'd prefer to see this show in their hands.

And for the record again, I think there has been some great storytelling on The CW/WB: Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, and Veronica Mars are probably the best they've had to offer, and they are all very good stories. But they are still aimed at a different demographic (and told with smaller budgets) than I would want for this Bat-story.

But as you said, we're all entitled to different opinions.

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