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Default Re: Why Does Frank Miller Hate Superman?

Originally Posted by markstrange View Post
A good character driven story, like the comics are supposed to be. Has to have a character every one can relate to, adult and kids. Batman is that type of character. Superman is not. He has no real tragic beginning. Even though his real parents died tragically- Epically, He was to young to even have been affected by it in any significant way. He was sent to earth and adopted by parents who where the best any adopted kid could ever hope for. no tragedy there. he finds out that he has powers beyond any human and most alien beings he encounters because of the yellow earth sun. sure his adopted father dies later but every one expects there father to die at some point, they were old. Its sad but not significantly tragic. He goes on to become earths protector to do good and try never to do wrong. doesn't like hurting anyone ever under any circumstances. might as well be Jesus. No one can relate to that.

Batman now, is the complete opposite, the only things that are similar between them are:

1. They are both Heroes trying to be a good force in the world.

2. They wear suits, of course batman is 100 times better even when its stupidly drawn. ( I like the Batman the animated series look. I also like the new Nolan movies look.)

Now Smallville I like. It makes superman more, metaphorically speaking of course, human. but I've always liked Lex Luthor and the other villains better anyway... I watch the movies and read the comics for them. not superman. Lex luthor is more relateable imo.
You simply have no sense for fantasy and excitement. Superman is wishfulfillment.

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