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Default Re: Why Does Frank Miller Hate Superman?

Originally Posted by COMICFILMEXPERT View Post
I think the fact that Bruce, as a human man, can still stand shoulder to shoulder with Amazons, Aliens, Gods and Kings pretty much earns him the right to push them around.
Yeah, that makes absolutely no sense.
I love the fact that for all of his strengths, Clark is still vulnerable to Bruce's beliefs, ideologies and methods.
Clark? He is just a disguise. What hurts him about beliefs and ideologies? Superman is an absolute.
But personally, I prefer how Loeb rights them.
Just partly.
They still have their differences and argue like there's no tomorrow, but they have mutual respect for one another and kick ass as a team when the chips are down.
The "dueling lovers" from Batman / Superman is just annoying and pretentious.
Plus it's obvious Frank wouldn't be fond of Superman, the ultimate representation of authority and conventional morality...seeings how Frank has very little love for such things, IMO from what I've seen.

Yeah Superman the establishment puppet.

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