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Default Re: Why Does Frank Miller Hate Superman?

Originally Posted by markstrange View Post
Because Batman is the Goddamn Batman and Superman is just a retarded boyscout in blue PJ's who wares bright red underwear on the outside of his pants and has a huge freaking S for "stupid" a cross his chest. He may be an Icon to many people but I just wish Lex Luthor would toss him in the recycling bin already.
Finally encountered someone who fits the "Proud to be an Oakie from Muscogee" type who actually hails from Muscogee.

Batman is a scared little boy who thought his tough guy act scared off his parents' killer. We know now that Chill was under orders from Boss Moxon to leave the boy as a witness, to help establish that Moxon had nothing to do with Thomas Kane's killer.

He's motivated to destroy crime out of shame that he was scared when he was 8 and thought he was going to be next.

Superman? We learn his true motivation later on. The damn TV show made DC get Clark and Lois engaged. Then the producers decided they didn't want them married, so DC obligingly broke off the engagement. Then the producers changed their minds.

Anyway, it's during that mess that Lois breaks the engagement and a bewildered Superman is talking it over with former lover Lori Lemaris. He gets so frustrated and genuinely angry he throws the engagement ring away. With his Strength that means hundreds of miles away.

Then he remembers that ring was the ring his father used when he asked his mother to marry him. And flies off after it.

Lori, who's a telepath, picks up a factoid in that emotional burst of his. Why he does what he does.


Jonathan and Martha REALLY did a good job raising him. He loves the planet he loves life, he loves the people. If he could reform Luthor, he would.

This is something beyond Miller's comprehension, and based on your comments I honestly suspect, yours as well.

But really. Feel free to rant about Superman wearing his uderwear outside and having an emblem on his chest while praising a guy who does the same AND wears a bright gold belt that seriously negates the shadow hiding that is so necessary to the character concept.

Comics are an entertainment medium after all, and if Ranting about your preconcieved notions of Superman makes you feel happy and entertained, those who make Superman books have succeeded, haven't they?

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