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Default Re: The Avengers roster for 2011

Originally Posted by Rich Santoro View Post
What the fu@k??? My little take has nothing to do with religion dumba$$. In a day of many sophisticated sci-fi / fantasy films, with audiences that have their eyes open... the "he is just a god, deal with it" approach is unimaginative and pretty narrow regarding the sensibilities of movie-goers.

But OK... I'll play. So he is a god... Where did he come from??? Another dimension??? Where is that??? Somewhere outside of our space-time continuum??? This all leads to an issue for the suspension of disbelief. I am as much of a movie and comic book geek as anyone, and if I am having a problem with just having a Thunder god show up in a flash of lightening, then I think others may as well.

I admit that perhaps I am making it more complicated that it needs to be... maybe just showing up with a loud thunder clap and saying "I am the Prince of Asgard" (like in that Hulk TV movie from forever ago) would work just fine. But please don't make assumptions about any religious undertones in my posts...
Sorry, mistook you for the guy who a couple of months ago was arguing about "The One True God" considering calling Thor a god "Heresy".

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