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Default Re: The Avengers roster for 2011

"I am talking about the Thor movie... not the Avengers. All my comments about "puff of smoke" are a reference to the Thor film. I just don't think that a discussion on Norse Mythology will suffice, as to explain who this guy is, that Donald Blake turns into. Thor was not created by Norse Mythology... the mythos was created around Thor. But who and what is he??? Where is he from??? How did the Norse culture come to worship him and the other Asgardians a millenium ago???"

So, I see the "planet in the center of the galaxy" premise to be a good psuedo-scientific explanation to answer the "who, what, where and how" of it all... An explanation that people can get into. Like how Star Trek always concocts some sciency explanation for the amazing things that go on in those movies / episodes.[/quote]
Gotcha, the thing is at least for me I don't want science involved when it comes to Thor. I liken the Norse gods to Greek or Roman gods. Just like there's a mythological place called Mount Olympus there's Asgard. I just picture these fictional places as misty faraway lands where they can watch us from afar. Now where do we literally place them, I don't know but to me the explanation has to be more magical or fantasy than scientific.

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