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Default Re: The Avengers roster for 2011

For the team, we should follow thew rule of K.I.S.S:

Captain America
Iron Man
Hulk (not a member until the end of the film...before that, he is a threat)

I don't count Fury as a member, though he should be heavily involved. We don't have enough time for more than these people in reality. This movie will only really work cause most of the characters will have been introduced prior in their solo films. For non-established characters, I think Ant-Man is the best choice. I would only throw Wasp in there for the sake of having a female team member and her and Pym would give each other depth.

As for the Thor thing I am seeing discussion about, he is a god. If they try to make him an alien, then they shouldn't do the movie. If Marvel went away from Thor as a god, then Marvel shows a lack of confidence in their own material, and shouldn't be running a movie studio. You can change certain things, but a core aspect like that needs to be maintained. Granted, Thor presents a problem in that we need a threat that can hurt him and a reason he'd need to be involved, but there are many ways to do this. The Cosmic Cube, Skrull invasion, etc. Since I would use the Hulk as a threat, there is a money fight for us all to see. Plus, Thor is most likely to be exiled from Asgard at the end of his movie (I haven't read the script people seem to have read, so don't spoil it for me if you have!), so Thor's arc in the film should center around coming to appreciate his surroundings. In this way, his journey and Cap's would be similar: Warriors that were tossed out of their element and into this period. This is a good basis for their relationship potentially.

That's my two cents anyway. Remember, keep it simple stupid!!!

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